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We are open but have modified our hours due to COVID-19.

Our current hours of operation as of November 1 2020 :

Monday – Friday 8:00-5:00

Saturday 8:00-2:00




How has Coronavirus affected us? We are currently still seeing routine and emergency appointments at our office. If you feel you need an appointment please call our office and discuss your needs with our staff. We will also be talking to everyone who already has an appointment scheduled with us to ensure their safety and comfort.

In office we are taking precautions such as disinfecting all equipment after each patient visit, disinfecting all surfaces throughout the day, and wearing protective equipment when necessary. We also are asking that our patients come to the office accompanied by only one person, or alone if possible. Only the patient will be taken to the exam rooms.

If you are not feeling well, have traveled outside of the United States or have been exposed to someone who has please call our office about your appointment.

Hopefully, this situation will pass soon and we can all get our lives back to normal. In the meantime, be safe and stay healthy.